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Short Description:

Tip Menu, Top Lovers, Hidden Cam, Notifiers, Thanks messages, Room Control and much more!

Full Description

If you have questions or want to customize this bot for your room, add fan clubs with nice icons or any other feature just contact me:  [email protected] / @biosandapps (twitter)

New version 3.9:
+ Added 2 new themes: Halloween and Green Jungle
+ Added Captcha verification for greys.
+ Added custom Tip Menu separator.
+ Added more preset colors.
+ Added custom colors for Notifiers and Tip Menu.
+ SPAM blocker improved.
+ Added multi-line notifiers
+ Added setting to disable theme icons
Version 3.8:
+ Added Dream Bot theme.
+ Added Whispers feature.
Update 3.7.2:
+ Added SPAM filter to block messages from annoying spambots.
+ Model icon & tag are removed in Lovense extension messages (less spammy).
Version 3.7:
+ Fixed problem with Crazy Ticket and probably other bots that were not recognizing commands.
+ Improvements in filters to block demands and baby words.
+ Enable/disable greys during show (command /greys on|off)
+ TipMenu items increased to 20.
+ Sort TipMenu items ascending/descending.

Main Features & Help

Color Themes

Chose between Gold Elegance, Metal Blue & Pinky Purple. General bot messages and messages from certain features such as Top Lovers or Secret Show will follow the colors of the selected theme. You can change any time if you get bored of your theme after some time!

Custom chat colors & tags

Define a custom text color and background color for your messages in the room. Add an avatar of your choice and an optional tag (e.g. [Princess]) that will be shown at the beginning of every message that you type.

Users in your room can also make use of this feature. You can define who will be allowed to use it in the settings (Everyone/Users with tokens/Mods and Fan Club/Moderators only).

Commands for users with enough privileges:

/color [#fgcolor] → Sets a custom text color
/bgcolor [#bgcolor] → Sets a custom background color
/tag [tag] → Sets a custom tag
/icon [:name] → Sets a custom icon
/remove [feature] → Removes one of these features: color, bgcolor, tag, icon
/remove all → Removes all the features at once

Room Control

Dream bot comes with filters to remove undesired words and messages in your room. This feature is based in the bot No Grey Demands Graphics and it has a number of improvements so you dont need to load both apps in your room.

Room control will correct all caps and sticky keys, remove baby words and grey graphics and block many messages from greys containing demands and rude language. You can also create your own list of ilegal words to block in the room.

For each filter you can define if it will be applied to everyone or greys only or you can disable each filter selectively if that is your choice.

This feature will be warning infringers and silencing them in the room after a certain number of warnings if you want. Room control works without flooding the room with messages. All you may see occasionally is a notice reporting that a certain grey user have been silenced due to repeated infringements.

Commands for model and mods (if enabled in settings):

/silence [username] → Silences a user permanently in chat
/silence [username] [minutes] → Silences a user temporarily in chat
/usilence [username] → Allows the user to chat again
/usilence → Allows the last user silenced to chat again

Model-only commands:

/filters [on|off] → Enables/disables the chat filters
/greys [on|off] → Enables/disables the chat for grey users

Secret Show

This bot allows the broadcaster to hide the cam any time during the show. You can use this feature to provide private flashes or short private shows to one or few of your viewers without having to close the room. Its also useful to hide private shows you may be having in another site. Other users can unblock the cam any time if they send a tip of the amount you define in the settings.

Model-only commands:

/start → Hides the cam and starts a secret show with the default price
/start [price] → Starts a secret show with a custom price
/stop → Stops the current secret show

Commands for model and mods (if enabled in settings):

/secret add [username] → Adds a user to the secret viewers list
/secret remove [username] → Removes a user from the secret viewers list
/secret check [username] → Checks whether the user is in the secret viewers list
/secret list → Shows all users in the secret viewers list

Room notices

Its possible to send a notice to the room manually using the following model-only commands:

/notice [message] → Sends a custom notice to the room using normal format
/inotice [message] → Sends a custom notice to the room using a highlighted format

Tip Menu Single Line Improved

This is a clone of Tip Menu Single Line and will work exactly the same way. You can set up your menu items with the following format:


General commands:

/tipmenu → Shows the tip menu in a list format to a user.

Mod-only commands:

/showmenu → Sends the tip menu in a list format to everyone in the room

Top Lovers Leaderboard

This is a version of the bot , a leaderboard that will track all tips in the room and highlight the top 3 tippers adding a heart (with a number 1-3 inside) at the beginning of their messages.

Rotating notifier

A clone of the well-known Rotating notifier app on Chaturbate. As special feature you can set up a background color for your notices if you want.

Thanks Messages

You can set up Dream bot to show custom thanks messages to the tippers during the show. They can be shown in 3 different color schemes and you can decide if the message will appear in the room for everyone or just to the tipper. You can also set a minimum tip to receive the thanks message.

Dream Bot Help

Dream bot comes with a little guide of all commands available when the bot is loaded:

/help → Will show a list of general commands
/modhelp → Will show a list of commands for mods and model only
/ahelp → Will respond to the model with all her exclusive commands.

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