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Doxie's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
March 2, 1981
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Eastern temperate broadleaf deciduous forest
Last Broadcast:
1 day
Body Type:
Between classical dance, aerial arts, climbing and blacksmithing, I'm buff as fuck.
Smoke / Drink:
Maker's Mark and good coffee
Body Decorations:
Generally? The latest collection of cuts, scrapes, and burns. Fun with forges!
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

MY STEAM ID IS ms_doxie.

I'm a fiercely independent badass homoflexible queer who want's to be tied down and gang banged by a bunch of folk of many genders
(way more than two).

Embrace the contradictions.

I've hit upon a pretty good system. Whip me into a frenzy with the direct control panty vibe, and then I'll fuck myself with some degree of creativity.
Freeform, no tedious goals and begging for tips, but feel free to suggest or ask. If I like the idea, I might do it.

What's this Direct Control Panty Vibe thing? I'm glad you asked.

I get bored with asking for tips, and I want to be more of a free-form creative showperson rather than a coin-operated peep show. It's more fun. So I, with a little coding help from Purpletail and Almostflammable, and my wishlist mavens buying gear for me, I made a sex toy that is directly controlled by tipping. Neat, n'est pas?

It's a panty vibe that is controlled by an arduino micro, a 433mHz transmitter, and a python script. It works as follows:

It runs as long as there are tips in the jar.
It has 11 (of course!) power levels.
Power increases with every 99 in the jar. so:
1-99 tokens is level one
100-199 tokens is level two

...and so on. Max level is pretty insane, it sounds like a swarm of horny bees. I leave it to you seeing my expressions to think about what that feels like.

Brilliant, neh?

I pride myself on good production values.
Expect liberal use of color calibration cards.

Broadcasters, want to improve your
cam quality? Here's what I use. Feel free to ask me any
questions about production techniques.

  1. Plantronics Savi W440-M DECT Headset

  2. Logitech c930e and c920 cams, 1280x720 resolution

  3. USB 3 cable

  4. Silk Mini-Pro 3 tripod

  5. Joby tripod ball head

  6. iGlasses webcam control software

  7. Color calibration card

  8. Spyder

    3 colorimeter (for color calibration of my own screen) I use
    different presets for each of my performance spaces and time of day.

    the light changes or I move to a different space I run a
    preset, and then spot check with the calibration target card.

  9. 3 5700 kelvin CFC bulbs on stands, with white umbrella diffusers

  10. Cat 6 network cabling

  11. 25 mb/sec upload bandwidth

  12. TP-Link wireless AP on the roof

You're 34 and you live with your Mom? What's up
with that?

My Mom is a widow and got cancer, so I moved back to help her out. Say
anything sexual about my Mom and I'll ban you. No,
she doesn't know I cam
porn, I tell her I'm doing performance art and blacksmith tutorials. Which
I am, but with porn.

I'm the strangest one of me that I've ever met. I'm a homoflexible queer
lesbian, kinky and perverse, and I generally have
some sort of project
going on. I've made fuck machine out of a Kitchenaide mixer, a
leg-spreading obligatory fuck bar, and a a tentacle monster
Cock Cthulhu
Sexoctopus fuck toy (which is in an interim stage). Those are just some of
the kinky things

I like to travel

Last year I traveled through Iceland, Italy, Turkey, India and Nepal. I
volcanoes and had a number of adventures, including hanging out
with a gray in Catania, Italy! This spring I went to Costa Rica and Panama. I'll probably
return to Iceland this winter, and I want to go to Otmoor in England and see a murmation of starlings.

Currently, we're completed the first version of a microprocessor
(arduino) internet tip-run controller for sex toys project,
which is hard.
And, I might point out, before everyone bought a sex machine, I BUILT one!

Have you found
a video of me online? I want to see, too!

I try to be my best. But, I need your help to be my best.

I'll do pretty much anything in private. Except gagging, it turns
out that I don't like it. Sorry. Please PM me before you request
private. In my mind, I'm a gangbang girl in training, so I'm up for
almost anything in TOS, but I might ask you to tip first if I have to
set anything up. Also, if you pm just to say hi and I don't know you,
you will be either chastised or ignored.


I have rules for both me and you.
Foremostly: * Be interesting. Bonus points for articulate and intelligent conversation.

NEW RULE!!! Tip 1001 and we use the HITACHI or LELO WAND until the timer runs down or I start screaming. You have to say "Torture Time", though.

Tip 101 and say spankies! and you get..wait for a it....a spank! WIth whatever is at hand. Give a quote from the right author for a bit of bonus brutality.

Spankies whenever Artemis Moon enters the room. Just because.

First Tip always gets a flash. Tip 505 and either shove a plug up my ass or shove a larger plug up my ass. I will wear it for the rest of the show.

Tip 666 and write a word on my in SHARPIE! It stays on for a
couple of days.

Anonymous? Hack the Man! Or sign up here and form an identity in a capitalist society.

From the right to know and the duty to inquire flows the obligation to
act. ~Sandra Steingraber, Living Downstream, 2nd ed.

Wish List:

Wishlist land!

The Pervy List Sex toys, tools, books, etc.

Books! I'm a nerd, so true, so true.

Blacksmithing stuff! I always need coal and coke for my blacksmithing! Gift certificates work best here. t/shared/index/code/821b55b30944a51913f d715f3a7b3a54/

Really nice Bondage toys on Stockroom: shlistShared.aspx?sharedWishlistCode=57 2734